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Formed by a team of professionals with extensive technical knowledge and experience in computer telephony and the telecommunications industry, Micro Ocean Technologies Sdn Bhd (founded in 2003) is a premier provider of mobile data solutions & Internet fax broadcast service. Micro Ocean performs software development, implementation, commissioning, operations support, consultation and turnkey provisioning of telecommunications solutions.

Micro Ocean's comprehensive portfolio of mobile data solutions enable the seamless delivery of messages, premium content and value-added services across carriers, content providers, mobile marketing partners, media and entertainment companies worldwide. Our services are built upon a robust and carrier-grade platform and we ensures state-of-the-art telecommunications technology in developing reliable and outstanding solutions.

In October 2004, Micro Ocean has been awarded the prestigious MSC Status for having fulfilled the necessary set of criteria in meeting the objectives of the Multimedia Super Corridor (Malaysia).

Fax Services

With Mocean Fax Broadcast Service, you can send information, invitations, documents to your prospects or clients worldwide at anytime, anywhere as long as you have a device with internet connections. This easy-to-use application is perfect for everyone regardless of big or small businesses. This cost-effective faxing tool supports both one-to-one and one-to-thousands with just a few clicks.

In today's world, what's more important than maintaining and strengthening relationships with clients or prospects? More and more businesses are getting into the effectiveness brought by the old-school technologies like fax broadcasting to transmit their marketing message. It's important that your messages / greetings are sent to the right people at the right time. Fax marketing is a must have for any business looking to grow whether it be local or global. Mocean Fax provides you with the features needed to get it done. The results are worth the effort.

We offer wide range of features, making bulk faxing a fast and effective communication tool.

1. Schedule Delivery

Fax broadcast can be planned and set in advance for future delivery

2. Easy to set up

No special hardware needs to be installed. Only MoceanFax Web account is required and you can get all your fax broadcast done

3. Cost efficient

No more paper, toner and fax machine. All you need is a device that is connected to Internet for fax broadcasting

4. Keep phone lines away from busy

No extra phone line is required to handle your faxes as now MoceanFax helps you to send faxes over via the Internet

5. Various document formats supported

You can upload the files in various formats such as [.xls], [.rtf], [.ppt], [.pdf], [.tif], [.tiff], [.gif], [.jpg], [.jpeg], [.png], [.htm], ]html], [.txt], [.doc], [.docx]

6. Personalized Fax with Mail Merge

With MoceanFax mail merge feature, you can now send personalized and customized documents to clients. You can also include as many merge fields of information as you wish

7. Detailed reports and delivery statistics

Delivery reports are available for download and to keep track on the success rate of a campaign


8 Benefits To Use MoceanFax Broadcast Service:


Your Faxes are available 24/7, just a few mouse clicks away. Your Faxes can be stored online or on your computer

Easy to use

Simply log in to your online fax account to do all your faxing

Inexpensive & affordable

No papers, no ink, no toner, no extra worker and no more monthly expense of an extra fax phone line

Eliminates Human Error Factor

Contact can be uploaded directly from Excel file and fax number need not to be type manually each time before broadcast


Online fax system works with cell phones, netbooks and laptops


You can use your computer to fax doesnt matter where you are as long as there is internet connectivity

Time Saving

Fax on the go - eliminate risk of machine failure, busy signal, paper jam and etc during tranmission and the loss of document

Fast and reliable

Time sensitive document can directly be sent to key decision maker simultaneously


We offer TOP QUALITY fax broadcasting services with generous pricing packages to meet a variety of business and private user needs, alongside great customer support.

For more information or enquiries on pricing, please contact sales department at sales@moceanfax.com today!

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